A Day with Ullas Trust: Young Minds


27 August 2016, Saturday: It was just another day but there was something different…I woke up early at 6:00 A:M and started to get ready accompanied with my husband Sachin Deorah. We got ready at 6:30A:M and settled us in a car waiting outside our home in Gurgaon. It was a long journey as we were headed towards Shakurpur village, Modinagar (Ghaziabad U.P.). After 1 hour journey, Mr. Manzar Alam representative of Ullas trust by Polaris software lab in Gurgaon accompanied us. Now both guys were in conversation mode and I was just peeping out of the window of car, after few more minutes we reached Ghaziabad to pick Mr. Narendra (Polaris Professional). When we were 10-15 kms from our destination Manzar recommended the original Jain shikanji (as there were more fake with this name) for breakfast as it was around 10 and all of us were getting butterflies in our stomach. We ate Poori sabzi …it was delicious, yummy and heavy ( i couldnt eat all the three.. 😉 ). Now we headed towards our destination D.S Public School, Shakurpur. It was in very interior, far away from city…with narrow roads….quiet, no houses till few kms giving us goosebumps that we all have started talking about horror stories…I think after dusk no body will dare to walk that road as there were no street lights too.

Finally we all reached our destination. It felt good to see the school having good infrastructure, management and facilities (not expected for a school in such remote areas) beacuse I haven’t seen a general store for few kms.

Students of 9, 10,11 and 12 has been gathered at the roof top by school staff, weather was pleasant and we have started our workshop by distributing the Ullas diaries to all the students. The first step was to ask them to fill in their details like name, address, dreams and their role models. I was checking out their diaries. Most of them still in deep thoughts to write for dreams. I asked one of boy how come you still don’t know about your goals in life( u can be engineer, doctor, banker etc.), he just stood up and said very politely mam I always thought of helping my father in agriculture to earn. Hold on… may be I haven’t seen life from their point (most of them belong to farmers and daily wages workers) and got rude little bit.

Now Manjar has given the introductory part about the organisation and its motive to recognize academic excellence in students from the economically challenged sections of our society and encourage the “Can do” spirit towards chasing their dreams and aspirations.

After that we started interaction with students and told them the secret of success by showing the pictures of great leaders & personalities such as Gandhi ji, Dr Abdul Kalam, Kalpana Chawla and many more, we informed them about their journeys from nothing to become the great personalities in area of their expertise. We were amazed to see that all of them were updated with the latest news as we asked questions about the Olympic games.

During workshop all the students have actively participated, the enthusiasm and energy was also very high despite the weather became hot & humid during mid session. Students also shared their dreams with us. Most of girls wanted to become a teacher and educate others whereas most of the boys wanted to join the Indian Army or Police services.

I was touched to see the passion and flare in their eyes to achieve something in their life despite most of them belong to very low income group.  At the end scholarship was distributed to the toppers by the school principal.

After Few minutes of conversation with school teachers and staffs we headed back to our homes.

It was my first experience with Ullas trust and I really enjoyed and also learnt many things and looking forward for more workshops to attend.

“Dream, dream and dream

Then translate your dream into thoughts and the into action” By Dr. Kalam