Can’t we escape plastic pollution


Since few decades production and consumption of plastics have continued to rise. Despite Government various policies, legislations and efforts to reduce its consumption the problem is still at its crest. Tourists spots and various hill stations are facing uphill task of plastic loads as visitors & tourists are recklessly dumping the plastic bottles. Many hill stations already has started various schemes to reduce plastic waste tide plaguing the nature’s beauty.

In this article I am highlighting few promising solutions one of which is from my own experience if implemented could be helpful.

Few months ago I have visited Andaman & Nicobar one of the seven union territories of India, a group of islands famous for its scenic beauty and its richness with diversity of plant and animals life. One of Jolly buoy island at Wandoor famous for under water corals and immaculate clear beaches. Tourists were not allowed to carry plastic water bottles with them, They provide their own bottles for deposits, you can fill that and carry with yourself, On returning visitors are refunded their deposits. Bags are also checked for any kind of plastic packets such as food and so on to avoid the accumulation of trash or nuisance. In my opinion the same could be done everywhere.

Earlier this year one much needed intervention was emulated in Mahabaleshwar a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra is a hill station and weekends tourist destination too. The Maharashtra government had installed water ATMs with a litre of water just at nominal rate of Rs. 2 so that people can fill up their bottles with the purified water to stop people from buying multiple bottles.

At individual level we can support by seeking out alternatives for the plastic items that we rely on and creating awareness by spreading the word about the nasty impacts of plastic pollution.

‘It’s too late’ to, ‘there’s still hope’, if we change our thoughts

we might see some change in the world.”