Is this a warning signal??


mp floods


Madhya Pradesh: A state in central India. All the districts which were experiencing drought for successive three years or inefficient rain fall are now flooded . The rains which were supposed to be god send now has proven to be havoc.

The most effected sector is agriculture: farmers which were reeling under drought sometimes back are now facing the fury of nature through floods. Due to heavy rainfall within few days fields are either waterlogged or seeds have been washed away, effecting the economy too. Now farmers are waiting for the overcast sky to become clear so that they can re sow. The calamity is also playing with the life of many people, the death toll has been increasing day be day (data can be get from our news channel and news papers)

This sudden change from drought to flood is due to climate change which is because of human desire to race towards the advancement without realising the fact that what price actually are we paying for it.

Our march towards the technical advancement, change in life style, we have never thought about our responsibility of giving back what we have taken from our mother nature. We are exploiting natural resources without having a thought of replenishing it back.

Everything we see around is because of our irresponsible attitude, ignorance which results in drought, flood and many more natural calamities around the world. The impact of climate change has now been notice by all the three seasons, summer, winter, monsoon. In my opinion its high time for us to take actions before we realize its been late to regret for what we have done.

For this the only solution is balancing the moisture content of the earth by planting many trees as we can. all we need is small effort & contribution from everyone to keep whatever is still left.

The earth does not belong to us; we belong to the earth