Solar Energy: Today’s Resource for a Greener Future


Solar technology has gained prominence in the past few decades. the global crisis of fuels is pressing up and it has become imminent for us to look for alternative sources to meet the increasing energy demands. Due to overexploitation, natural or non renewable resources are drying up, the use of green tor solar technology seems to be the only knight in shining armour that can save us.

The green or solar technology industry is constantly evolving and expanding our reliance on clean energy.

According to study “solar electricity generation is one of the very few low carbon energy technologies with potential to grow to very large scale”.

Why solar technology is important: Our planet is suffocating with increasing pollution affecting millions of population in various ways viz. air pollution, water contamination, earth average temperature rise. The aim of such technology is to makeup the human damage done to environment . Solar tech is not limited to a selected number of technologies instead it includes all the tech that is an innovative initiative that may or may have not seen the light of the day. Broadly the importance of solar tech lies to prevent the complete exhaustion of non renewable sources and reducing the risk posed by environmental damage.

This is an rapidly evolving industry that people have shown interest in last few years.

With advancement in solar power technology its clear that solar energy is here to stay. Here are a few reasons to look at why solar power is expected to dominate:

Sun-powerful source: According to a data every year, amount of energy reaching the earth in the form of solar radiation is twice the amount of all the conventional resources, combined!

It seems to be very clear that solar power also has the potential to become the most powerful and distinguished form of renewable energy.

There have been technological advancements and some significant transformations in the solar industry and this has brought down the price of solar energy.

Decline of fossil fuels: it is obvious we can not forever use our natural resources that we use to generate energy. The formation of fossil fuel is a natural process which took millions years and their overuse causing its depletion. Beside the sustainability issue burning of fossil fuel such as coal releases huge amount of carbon dioxide .

The solution to the problem is harnessing energy from renewable sources like sun, wind, sea etc.

Store your energy: one main issue over the years is its ability to be stored properly. Once the solar energy is depleted you have to wait for the sun to re-emerge. Now with the solar batteries it is possible to use the power even when the sun goes down. Its a great way to get more out of solar system and help reduce energy bills further.

Cost comparison: Nevertheless the one time transaction in equipping a property with solar panel will put a temporary dent in your finances but will straighten out in overtime. It is worth looking at the cost comparison of solar energy sources and fossil fuels. According to IEA report the cost of producing electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind has dropped significantly over the past five years, narrowing the gap with power generated from fossil fuels and nuclear reactors.

However after installation, you can expect your electricity bill savings to grow with time. Some things are a whole lot bigger than money and health is one of them.

Rise of electric vehicles: IEA (international energy agency) report suggests that half of new car sold will be electric by 2040 increasing the demand for green energy. EVs also reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change and smog.

In a nut shell, solar technology is important for our future. Affordable, easy to install, qualities and advantages are more than obvious when introduced and implemented in the right time and right way. Moreover, its benefits are undeniable.  In the future solar power  assure to have a positive and  profuse impact on the society.  its been only a matter of time that solar energy becomes a game changer.

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Eco-friendly Options When You Decide to Go Green


In last few years term eco-friendly and go green have become buzz words on every commercial, product ads, listing of houses and vacation homes. The simplest way to define being eco-friendly is having a lifestyle focused on not creating harm to the environment and prevent as much harm occurring to it through our interactions and help conserving resources like water and energy.

It’s important to become environment friendly because not only shifting to sustainable lifestyle is good for planet but also beneficial for human health, budget and life quality. For this reason, we should take step to greenify our surrounding and daily life as soon as possible.

Here are tips below to tweak your lifestyle environment friendly if you are short on ideas:

1. Say no to plastic: plastic bottles and bags are everywhere, every year there are more and more filling up our oceans and landfills. To cut household plastic waste try to opt for paper bags, cotton bags, reusable and recyclable bottles, furniture’s, containers etc.

2. Conserve water: fix leaking pipes, close the running tap while you brush your teeth, use RO waste water for mopping, cleaning bathrooms.

3. Conserve Energy: Few simple ways like turning off lights when not in use, using maximum day light, purchasing energy efficient gadgets. Try renewable energy twist for example install a small solar power plant on your roof for additional power supply (electricity may still be the mainstream), switch to solar water heater, its benefit will not be only for environment but for finances also.

4. Change Travel habits: try car pool, use public transport instead of private vehicles, if your office is near ride a bicycle instead of car, get your car serviced whenever necessary.

5. Say no to Littering: one of the ways to keep our surrounding and environment clean is to stop littering. Instead put trash and garbage in dustbins.

6. Plant trees: don’t cut them unless it’s necessary and plant small trees around your home, educate others about its positive aspects.

7. Go paperless: 35% of landfill sites consists of paper waste. Going paperless is an option that will cause an average person little hardship. So, be digital it will not only protect what remains of our forest but is a cheaper option overall.

8. 3R’ of waste hierarchy: (reduce reuse and recycle) can reduce the amount of waste generated and improve the waste management process.

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