Eco- friendly activities for kids to follow during summer vacations

Seedling little plant in child hands

Summer vacations are generally the happiest period for children’s. It is very interesting and entertaining season for them as they get rest and relax from daily school schedule .They enjoy it a lot due to long vacations and love joining summer classes with different activities like swimming, drawing, dancing, music etc. that interests them. Children’s are carefree so it is up to the parents to equip them with requisite skills and make them responsible for important things right from the childhood.

It is the need of the hour that everyone should know how they can protect the environment with small contribution. So, I thought to put a list a beautiful ways kids can have summer fun, learn something new, and make a difference at the same time. By teaching kids at a young age to be environmental friendly, you are building a life long habits that could make a difference in the future. Teach them how they can keep the environment and surroundings clean by working smart.

Use of Dustbins: Kids get lazy at times and throw papers, food etc. anywhere they wish to. Do not appreciate such habits, teach them to use the dustbins or garbage bins. Tell them that not littering is one of the most good habits.

Its better to keep the two dustbins one for food or general waste and other for waste that can be recycled.

You can also ask your kids being creative by drawing coloured labels for the bins.Take every effort to inculcate this habit in your child.

Gardening: Help your kids to plant a tree or grow some vegetables in a community garden or in your backyard. Day by day they can watch it grow into a beautiful plant or may find to like vegetables when grown themselves. May be you can plan vacations that focus on great outdoors like a day at state or national park and can get plenty of opportunities to discuss plants and animals you see and why its important to protect their habitat. I am sure this is going to be fun for parents too.

Conserve Energy: Teach kids to turn off TV when no one is watching, turn off lights when not in use and resist lingering in front of the refrigerator with door open.

Do not litter during trips: Always carry bags to dispose of the things that you want to throw. This way kids will learn the good habit and also teach other some valuable lessons. Take lot of pictures and ask your kid to make a collage or photo frames using waste materials (papers, straws, old CDs etc.). Trips, are the best thing about summer vacations. So why not let them learn few smarter things with fun.

Reuse shopping bags: Whenever you take kids for shopping, always carry the reusable shopping bags and tell them the importance of using it like how it will reduce the garbage, save the money and reduce plastic pollution.

Encourage cycling and walking: Teach your younger ones about the importance of cycling and walking as a mode of transportation to go to school, park or for short distances.

Pass it on: Ask kids to gather old toys, books , clothes and other things that they no longer use and ride along them to local charities for the drop off so they can see how donations help others and it will also develop the giving and sharing habit.

These tips are just ways to engage your child in eco friendly activities and get them to start thinking how their individual efforts affect the world they live in and how little changes can and will make a difference.

Remember, your child will mimic your actions and follow choices you make. So, the best way to teach them is to be a good role model yourself.

Our greatest natural resource is in the minds of our children- Walter Elias Disney


Eco-friendly Options When You Decide to Go Green


In last few years term eco-friendly and go green have become buzz words on every commercial, product ads, listing of houses and vacation homes. The simplest way to define being eco-friendly is having a lifestyle focused on not creating harm to the environment and prevent as much harm occurring to it through our interactions and help conserving resources like water and energy.

It’s important to become environment friendly because not only shifting to sustainable lifestyle is good for planet but also beneficial for human health, budget and life quality. For this reason, we should take step to greenify our surrounding and daily life as soon as possible.

Here are tips below to tweak your lifestyle environment friendly if you are short on ideas:

1. Say no to plastic: plastic bottles and bags are everywhere, every year there are more and more filling up our oceans and landfills. To cut household plastic waste try to opt for paper bags, cotton bags, reusable and recyclable bottles, furniture’s, containers etc.

2. Conserve water: fix leaking pipes, close the running tap while you brush your teeth, use RO waste water for mopping, cleaning bathrooms.

3. Conserve Energy: Few simple ways like turning off lights when not in use, using maximum day light, purchasing energy efficient gadgets. Try renewable energy twist for example install a small solar power plant on your roof for additional power supply (electricity may still be the mainstream), switch to solar water heater, its benefit will not be only for environment but for finances also.

4. Change Travel habits: try car pool, use public transport instead of private vehicles, if your office is near ride a bicycle instead of car, get your car serviced whenever necessary.

5. Say no to Littering: one of the ways to keep our surrounding and environment clean is to stop littering. Instead put trash and garbage in dustbins.

6. Plant trees: don’t cut them unless it’s necessary and plant small trees around your home, educate others about its positive aspects.

7. Go paperless: 35% of landfill sites consists of paper waste. Going paperless is an option that will cause an average person little hardship. So, be digital it will not only protect what remains of our forest but is a cheaper option overall.

8. 3R’ of waste hierarchy: (reduce reuse and recycle) can reduce the amount of waste generated and improve the waste management process.

Other potential solutions are cordially invited

I gave you Life now it’s your turn to reciprocate- Earth