Shifting of the Seasons themselves due to Climate Change

Rain, Rain and More Rain

In recent times climate change has become an acute threat to human existence and livelihood. Increasing incidences of climate change impacts such as floods, heatwaves, droughts, natural calamities are not only fatal to human and animal lives but also causing severe economic losses. Its on of the things that is most noticeable in everyday life.

According to scientists due to global warming, there will be an increased likelihood of extreme weather condition events. In India some regions are  experiencing these changes already which are manifested in various forms including flood and record setting heat waves.

Now a days Heavy rains and floods have once again brought many parts of the country to standstill. More than 1000 people have died in the flood across India this monsoon and death toll may rise with flood water. According to the United Nations report , at least 41 million people in Bangladesh, India and Nepal have been directly affected by flooding and landslides resulting from the monsoon rains which begin in June and last until September. In Delhi Itself an alert has been issued by the government after the water level of Yamuna river crossed the danger mark.

Similarly, around 1500 people died due to intense heat wave this year. It was one of the worst bouts of hot weather for several years. Report said, this year the heatwave  continued for a longer period than in previous years and temperatures were 2-5 degrees higher than the seasons average.

Poring over centuries scientific investigation and study  its clear that Humans are responsible for most of the climate changes we have seen over the last few decades. When humans burns coal, natural gas and other fuels for producing electricity, transportation a considerable amount of green house gases are released into the atmosphere. Landfill sites, deforestation are some other factors which adds green house gases into the atmosphere there by causing the atmosphere to warm more with its many repercussions such as glacier melting, El nino etc.

Human activities are disturbing the earth balance which result into shifting of the seasons themselves.

In India more than half of the population directly and indirectly dependent on agriculture and fisheries for their income and unfortunately this sector is directly dependent on weather conditions. Unpredictable weather causes great distress on agriculture and pushing farmers into debts, poverty and also the main reason for their suicide.

Extreme climate change is an urgent threat to humanity that demands conclusive, prompt action. It happens without notice and occur in a manner we can not control so its important for us to be prepared for any kind of problem.

A healthy planet and stable climate aren’t political issues. It should be a combined effort and now its time to get everyone on board and pledge to follow a simple rule in life “reduce, reuse and recycle” and enjoy life more.

Save earth save your future


Condition of farmers in India- Condemnable


More than an estimated 30,000 farmers protest march from Nashik to Mumbai, travelled an arduous 180 km in the summer heat over six days. The major demands of AIKS (All India Kisan Sabha) are complete loan waiver, profit of 1.5 times input cost for all major agricultural commodities, allocation of forest land under cultivation and compensation for crop destruction.

The government has not done anything to relive them from financial burden as promised so they are left with no option but to express their torment through the protest march.

“ Incredible India” that is how we proudly brand our nation internationally. Indeed, it is truly incredible in lot of ways with people of different religion, beliefs, values, professions living together.

The majority of our country’s population depends on Agriculture. Its first culture, making India unique in its own way.

The life of a farmer is very tough though they feed entire humanity, their life conditions are far from satisfactory. They work very hard day and night in all seasons to fulfil our basic need of Food and clothing (Food, shelter and clothing are three basic needs of human being).

The purpose of writing this article is to highlight some major issues faced by them.

  • Lack of fair pricing mechanism: there are a lot of fluctuations in the pricing and this is the basic shortfall in the system. if a fair price was ensured to crops then no farmer will suffer. for instance if there is abnormal increase in production(tomatoes, onions etc.) homogenously at all places  then the selling price of the corps goes down and the excess crop gets wasted.

       Implementation of pricing mechanism will also solve the loan waiver problem.

  • Unscientific cultivation methods: another reason for bad crops is that farmers are still using traditional methods without factoring in climate change. for example sugarcane a water guzzling crop is grown in areas where scarcity of water and rainfall is present. So the government needs to suggest crop strategy for kharif and rabi cultivation.
  • Dependence upon nature: for agriculture adequate monsoon is required if rain fall is adequate, agricultural output would be good, otherwise drought situation would lead to negative effect and result will be acute shortage of food.
  • Literacy: since they are uneducated so often cheated by money lenders which force them to suicide and also they are unware of their legitimate rights such as Minimum Support Price.
  • Poor hygiene and sanitation: due to illiteracy they have little awareness about the benefits of good hygiene. Also there is Improper sewage disposal system in villages.
  • Inadequate medical facilities: there is lack of trained doctors, nurses and medical facilities in rural areas.
  • Absence of integrated farming system
  • Bad politics and bad economics
  • Lack of proper irrigation plans

  • Expensive fertilisers

  • Easy availability of pesticide for poisoning

Some wonder if the farmer issue is as grave as is being pointed out. In my point of view yes it is.

Most of the farmers are simple, hardworking and honest they always remain at the mercy of god. These farmers are like seeds who rot themselves to give fruits and flowers to others.

how sad our feeders die for want of food and justice.

Our government has started many schemes for the benefit of farmers . Let’s hope that these benefits will actually reach them.

when a farmer supplies and fulfils our need, it becomes our duty to make sure his needs are equally met.

jai jawan jai kisan