Think twice before honking!



Few days before I had faced a jam condition for almost half an hour, currently situation is very common due to water logged roads or monsoon season. Despite for waiting the jam to get clear people use to blow horn continuously. sometimes I wonder would it result into a clear road instantly or will they disappear from jam. What’s the hurry….couldn’t they wait for few minutes without creating the typhoon of noise. In half an hour I felt like hundreds of drums were pounding on my head making me restless. At that moment I promised myself to keep cotton plugs or ear plugs in my wallet to avert same situation again. Then I saw a traffic police who was trying to control the situation. A thought just came to my mind that few minutes in jam made me restless what would be the position of traffic cops who spent a large part of time to elevated noise exposure.

So, Here I am highlighting some data, facts and few possible solutions to cope up with this overlooked situation in our country.

Changes in heart rate, increased blood pressure, hearing impairment, changes in sleep pattern, changes in hormonal behaviour, stress, loss of concentration, low performance level, speech interference, aggravated depression, psychological disorders…….. A long list of health problems can happen to anyone who get long term exposure to the elevated noise levels.

According to a study in western UP on Traffic police showed that insomnia is commonest health problem they suffered affecting 72% respondents and every third of them suffers from hearing impairment. Psychiatric consultant at KGMU’s sleep clinic Dr Adarsh Kumar stated that noise intrusion can cause difficulty in falling asleep and can awaken people who fall asleep. “A notable number of our patients hail from police backgrounds,” he said.

Possible solutions:

*The easiest way to overcome the situation is by providing them ear plugs & ear muffs which will protect them from high noise.

*At a signal two constables can be deputed so that each one can be provided with gap of a day as body need this time to recover the impact of noise.

*Periodical ENT check-ups should be mandatory for those on traffic duty or face situation of high noise level due to their profession.

*Age of traffic cops posted should not be more than 55 as body loose its ability to recover after that.

Other potential solutions are cordially invited.

Be Smart, Be Intelligent,

Be informative


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